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Imperial Crossroads

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Politics and Security of the Gulf

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Imperial Crossroads:

The Great Powers and the Persian Gulf

Published by the Naval Institute Press

Lying at the junction of three great continents and the oceanic trade routes that link them, the Gulf, like a magnet, for centuries has pulled powerful nations into its waters and adjacent lands. This book examines the contested history for the Gulf and its commerce and resources, concentrating on the role that Portugal, Holland, Britain, and the United States have played in the region since the 1400s, along with a look at possible future involvement by India and China.  (Co-edited with Dr. Saul Kelly of the British war college). 


The Politics and Security of the Gulf:

Anglo-American Hegemony and the Shaping of a Region

Published by Routledge in London and New York

Since the 19th century the Gulf has been an area of intense interest, having been shaped first by the British and more recently by the Americans. This book charts the history of this vital region, along with its changing political and security situation. Special attention is given to the role that London and Washington have played in the Gulf, along with their ambassadors, generals, admirals, and entrepreneurs.




31 October 2014

Association for the Study of the Middle East and Africa Annual Conference

Washington, D.C.

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Gulf Crossroads
The junction of scholarship and commerce. 

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“Jeffrey Macris is a first-rate scholar of history and of strategy. In this superb book he ranges over the history of the Persian Gulf and of the order provided that vital region by Pax Britannica, then by the Pax Americana. A vivid portrait of the tumult swirling over the Persian Gulf, and of the play between foreign powers and the States of the Gulf. The fragility of order in the Gulf is depicted with great skill and poise.” 
--Professor Fouad Ajami Hoover Institution

“As Thomas Mahnken of the US Naval War College observed, this collective study ‘is essential reading for those who are interested in going beyond the headlines and exploring the history of outside involvement in the Gulf.’ Summing up: Highly recommended.”

  — American Library Association's Choice Magazine, which selected "Imperial Crossroads" as an "Outstanding Academic Title," the association's highest award, February 2013.